lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-19 01:52:24 (UTC)

woah, na na na, i'm so glad to be alive

yeah i just got that song in my head. today i had what was
really, truly, totally a good day. i got to my 1st class
in time to get a seat by sally, so that was cool. then i
turned in my english paper which i am really proud of
because i think it came out reeeally well. it was about
lord of the flies & christianity and yeah it was cool.

then, in choir, the girl next to me was off but i actually
sounded okay which is a welcome change. hehe. but the sad
thing is we have a concert in...5 days? yeah and we're not
great yet soooo it might be a bad evening.

then i had x period for chemistry, so i went to the library
and explained math homework to my friend marcella, which
made me feel good cuz 1) i understand the math and 2) i
have frienddddsssss

finally, spanish class. we got back our tests and my
teacher told me that i had set the curve for the test (so i
got 100%) so that was good.

then for x-country practice we went in the pool and played
all these games, like water polo and stuff and i actually
didn't drown despite the fact that the pool is so so deep
for a girl like me.

and tomorrow's friday. i get to (try to) run mt. sac.
ahhhh i'm gonna stink! but i wanna race so bad so i guess
i will!! and then i get home just in time to go to the HC
game @ cam...yeeeeeaaah!!

oh the other thing about today...see britt wasn't even at
school, which was kinda stinky cuz i love her but still.
the fact that i had a good day despite her absence makes it
a reeeally good day.

oh yeah. and i haven't cried since sunday. yip yip!