2001-10-19 01:47:40 (UTC)

Short Trip to Albany

This morning John and I went to Albany. Our main reason for
going was to return a shirt Gavin had bought which was too
small for him. He asked us to do it for him this week, as he
wanted the money to take Jessica out to the homecoming dance
on Saturday. We also checked out the just-opened Costco.
It's bigger in size than the one in Eugene. They appear to
sell exactly the same things--no more, no less--but the
aisles are much, much wider which makes the store seem much
more spacious. It was also not nearly as crowded as the
Eugene store although I'm certain that will start changing
the nearer we get to Christmas.

We only bought a few things--a couple of gallons of milk,
dog food, and Halloween candy. John drove around looking for
the best way to get out of the parking lot, avoiding as much
traffic as possible and found that the best way is to go
around the back of the store and go out that driveway into
the street. They also have a Costco gas station there.

When we went to Heritage Mall to return Gavin's shirt we
checked out the books at Walden. I found a great quilt book
for $9.99 on their discount table and convinced John to buy
it for my birthday. My birthday is in less than two months
so I won't have to wait too long for it. This is the best
way to get gifts you know you'll like: pick them out
This is homecoming week-end at the high school. Gavin and
Hugh have gone to the tailgate party and bonfire at the high
school this evening. We are one of the few schools that
still allow bonfires. Gavin told me that it is roped off
and no one can get within ten feet of it. The volunteer
firemen also have an engine and an ambulance on the grounds
too in case there are any problems, although in all the
years they've done this, I've never heard of any. This
means John and I have a rare evening home alone!