Life is like a bowl of Cherries
2001-10-19 01:31:40 (UTC)

title or topic.. sad sad

last night i saw something really sad. On tv it was showing
a bunch of stories of kids, like not just little kids, but
teenagers, my age, who had lost their parents on sept. 11.

this one story ... oh wow, it was this like 16 year old
guy... he and his sister are like on their own now or
something.. and like, he was bawling.. talking about how
hard it is to try to take care of her. and how he can't
live up to that.. and how he misses him so much and how
much it hurts. and he was saying that they still call his
dads cell phone because they can hear his voice mail
message and talk to him. they call to tell him about their
day and how much the miss him and love him.

Ya know, its like, I live in kentucky.. so its close enough
to be sad.. wow this happened to our nation.. but its far
enough away that we've moved on. THink of all those people
who can't find their parents or thier children or spouse
or ya know.. family friends loved ones... think of all
those people who hope more and more each day, yet each day
adds more to deaths promises. And how all those people in
new york, the survivors.. how they cannot move on. maybe
someday but not yet. I mean, jeez.. think of those
firefighters, like the ones who are still alive, searching
through all that rubble, finding next to nothing day in and
day out.. pieces of people.. its like.. that guy layin
under there, i can't get him out, i can't see the whites of
this eyes.. but i know his wife and ive met his kids.

these memories are going to linger.. and it does hurt, ya
know. but i just pray that God will work in their lives,
that they know it doesn't end with that. that things will
get better, ya know? its been more than a month, but
still, ... ... well thats all i have for now.


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