sex kitten

life of a porn star
2001-10-19 01:13:30 (UTC)


well tuesday i had off of school and i slept in.i basically
was online all day. so i talked to ed for awhile and he was
all horny and he wanted to hook up. but the next day i
found out that he asked andrea to homecomming.which is odd
so i guess he doesnt like me for real. also greg dumped
maggie and asked me out for the twenieth time but idont
hink i caouldgo out with him again. also tom imed me and we
talked for a little while. christy says that he just
stayshome and works. so i guess its his loss. everyone
always says i have all these guys but none off tem really
like me except for greg but i dont have those kind of
felings for him. so i guess i really cant complain but im
not as happy as i want to be. basically im very hone but at
the same time i want a relationship with someone who wont
use me. thats hrd to get a good balance. hmm i dunno.
then last night i went to the penn and teller show
with my buddy jared. he is the coolest guy i know. and he
is so great bc i dont like like him lol. i love to hang out
with him and talk to him. so we went to the show and
played cards and walked around UB. he looked really hott
too last night. sometimes i have to remind myself that im
not allowed to lik ehim lol. he is a cool guy