close friends we dont even know
2001-10-19 01:02:48 (UTC)

i was just thinking

so as i was reading some other diaries i was realizing how
blessed i am to have my boyfriend. his name is steve. very
cute, tall,ruggedly handsome all those dreamy things. we
have been going out for a year and7 monthes. we have been
living together for almost 4 monthes. its wierd because he
is a really awesome guy, just what i was looking for so
every time i think about that i start thinking about maybe
i dont deserve him. or something even worse like hes too
good to be true so he must be cheating on me or something.
that is so stupid because he gives me absolutely no reason
to think that its just been every other male in my life.
now dont get me wrong i am not guy bashing, i love
guys , i just have this place that doesent let me fully
trust them. that is seriously not fair to steve. ok thats
the start of my diary full of emotional stuff, im going to
watch friends now and think about other peoples problems
for a while. marisa