ramblings of a madwoman
2001-10-19 00:53:02 (UTC)

damn, is it ever cold.

My hands are icy cold. Typing actually hurts, which is odd,
so i suppose i won't be doing it for too long today.

So I'm a working girl now, serving soup part time... The
job itself is not too bad, i just don't like the idea of
being on shift alone which is often what they do to you. I
had to slice meat for an hour yesterday, it was very
unpleasant and deli slicers are scary. My coworkers are for
the most part very cool though.

My gram's here now and it's kind of weird, she's not like
she used to be. She's really melancholy and withdrawn. She
brought her dog which is a nice addition, as I've grown to
love big smelly golden retrievers.

There was a fire in the art room at my school today, we all
had to clear out at lunch, it was pretty uncool. I just
thought some asshole had pulled the alarm, which costs the
school 500 dollars that it really cannot spare. Blah.

Sooooooo cold.

Anyway, I've run out of things to say... except... Ooooh,
i'm going to the Reel Big Fish/Goldfinger concert on
november 11th. that's going to be hella fun. I wanna buy
some new fangs for halloween, the ones i have now kinda
suck. oh well.

Song of the Moment- Bauhaus- Ziggy Stardust (bowie cover)

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