The UnEven Eye
2001-10-19 00:35:21 (UTC)

Well here it goes.. God bless you too ! ^.^

See I’m bored.. so I thought I would be nice and type
out my current events. So I will be here for about and

One, I’m bored, and my stress is mounting. Its not all
that kind, I mean I don’t think I can pay one more
bill, and still eat this week. BUT I’m anorexic. So
food shouldn’t mean a thing right? That’s what I
thought. I’m a bored, lazy and tired, f-ducker.

Two, I need to Rp(Role play) But no one, who is really
willing. With out my constant nagging, and Mickey
gets annoyed, when he has to think. Boy. that was great.
He does curse to much, I will talk to him about that.
*went a little off task there* But I need to Rp.. but
no one can.. not the way I learned.. which was from
one of my girlfriends. Ooo that was a good day. Thats
all I think.

Three, I’m sick again, I’m doing drugs.. I’m not
afraid to say it.. cause most people know it as a
common fact. This reckless.. I think its causing me to
have lapses in my memory.. which I don’t want. “I don’t
know where I am” I love that one.. My parents had to
come pick me up.. -.- That was one ass kick.. I will
never do again..

Four.. I’m near dead.. I’m taking school courses again..
Oye.. I hate chemistry.. and like no one else knows
what the hell it is.. I’m screwed.. *sees his failing
grade* a B- *whines* Oh well.. nothing 5 hours of
studying won’t finish up right?

Five , Nothing to do here.. I’m sleeping.. I am hardly
on the net anymore.. My sister.. uses my S/N I hate
the net. I might disconnect it.. Be simpler.. I don’t
know why I’m even here. *winks* Yes to let people know I

Six, People speaking of them. Do you know I dislike you
all greatly? Especially one .. I won’t mention
names “Nicole” *gags* I hate her.. with a passion..
takes energy.. cause I don’t hate people.. Oh well. It
will teach the rest.. not to cross me.. I will give
her a complex I think.. * innocent look*.. Or never
mind. JUST never MAKE JUSTIN mad.. not worth it.. I
am spiteful..

Well despite all this.. my being tired, bored, which
is normal.. I need something to do.. I do I do...
Oh well.. maybe I can go to the movies.. read a book?
Trash a car.. lol.. naw.. Well.. Bye bye