Channeling my emotion.
2001-10-19 00:17:55 (UTC)

This is new

I'm not really telling any of my friends about this journal.
i guess i'm just using it to vent a bit. somehow it's
always easier to say things when you think noone else is
litening.. or if you're saying them to someone you dont
know. *sigh*
so i guess i should give you a slight history on me...
i'm 18, i'm female, and i'm a freshman in college.. my
"hometown" is an hour and 40 minutes away. i came here
because it seemed ok, and it was far enough away from my
house that i wouldnt have to go home every weekend, but
close enough that i could if i wanted to. i'm not so sure
it's the best place for me but i'm getting along pretty
well. only one other person from my school goes here and
one aquaintance from home. so i was just completely new to
everything here... i dont really talk to either of them. my
room mate and i get along real well.. it's the 9th week of
school almost. she likes nsync and hanson. but we get
along, and even hang out, which i hear is rare. i have one
friend from home that lives in this city for now.. she's
going to the ohio institute of photography next semester,
her name is Cathy. i'm happy for her. I met a boy last
week in my psychology class, his name is Sean.
*sigh* i'm sure you'll be hearing plenty about Sean.
(starting right now)

Sean is nice, he's a bit taller than i am (i'm 5'9 or 10" so
it's hard to find a tall guy, seems they're all 5'3") he
has dark brown hair, and it's curly, not tight curls, just
larger and soft looking. fun to run your fingers through.
he has brown eyes (not real dark).. i love eyes. he's a
cutie. cute nose too :-Þ he said he's self conscious about
it, but i like it. he seems to like to tickle.. but he's a
guy, they enjoy seeing girls squirm i suppose. but i get
him back ;-) *sigh* he has a nintendo controller (the old
kind! like the original nintendo) on the strap of his
bookbag that he wears across his chest. he's emo.. and has
a lot of band buttons on his bookbag.. no that i've ever
heard of any of them.. but i guess i'll get there. he has
dimples :-) they're so cute. he's straight edge... as far
as drinking, smoking, and drugs go. sex i'm not so sure
about. I dont smoke or do drugs.. i've drank.. but i dont
like it really, not my thing. (not saying i'm against
people who do any of that.. because many of my friends do,
i just dont like it myself, but whatever) i like it when
he smiles. makes me feel more comfortable. he's kinda
quiet. he's a good kisser, keeps it interesting.

ok i'll stop talking about Sean for awhile.
sorry this is so long. just have to talk and there's noone i
can really talk to here.

my best friends are mainly in columbus (ohio) at school...
capital and Ohio State. Dan and Ethan go to osu, Eric to
capital. i miss them. since i've been here i've felt
really alone. like noone really understands me. bad
feeling. but hey, i'm getting better.
i'm not very shy, nor am i quiet. but i guess i had a mild
form of culture shock... environment and all. you cant see
the sky here, at least not as much as home. i miss the

i'm not taking any art classes this semester, i'm an art
education major, but i was wavering between art ed and civil
engineering. so i'm in hard classes that apply to both..
but no art. but i will be next semester. fun fun. :-) i
procrastinate a lot. a lot lot.
but oh well.

my english teacher died tuesday. that's so sad. i'm rather
upset... shocked i guess... it's weird. she was the only
teacher i really liked, she always told stories about HER
life, and her husband and kids. very nice lady.
she just felt sick that day, taught her morning class and
cancelled ours... and died that night.

that's how i'd want to go. great bold mind till the day i
die.. then just one day feel sick and go.

well i have to go, i'm at work. :-P
information center.. i knew nothing about campus when i got
here... but they hired me anyway, and i'm learning.