Nick's Journal
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2001-10-18 22:44:42 (UTC)

Mall and Convo

The Mall makes me so sad here in Christiansburg. Well it's
a good kind of sad. As I shuffled along the dirty floor
from store to store, I saw some of the burn outs that
meandered through the place. Each one stumbling by me in
haze of worry and insecurity, dressed in their preppy
clothes and buying more. Muttering to themselves why they
should pay the outrageous price of $15 for the cd if they
can "get" it online. What fucked up logic we have these
days. Juliann dropped off her film to get developed and
the guy that took it had a fucking lab coat on. Alright
Dr. PHOTOGRAPHY, hey are you gonna perform surgery on that
thing? I mean sure you take the camera apart, but I mean
come on. And don't give me bullshit about chemicals cos I
took a photography class and I like to develop my film
exactly as I like having sex, without protection.

Let me fill you in on two conversations, well short convos
I had with Dave (my roommate) which I thought were cool.
Dave : Did you play music the first time you had sex?
Me : No.
Dave : You didn't! Jesus H. Christ dude that's like the
best part!
Me : Oh, my bad, well the next time I have sex for the
first time I'll remember to do it.

# 2 (Crisi said that DAve and i needed new hairstyles
because we've had ours for too long. So dave put some gel
in his hair, here's the ensuing convo.)
Dave : How do I look?
Me : It looks like you were eating pussy and accidentally
slipped in.

Alright here's something really sappy and cowardly but it
just came to my mind. I just want everythign to be nice
and happy again. I don't want anthrax and I don't want
war. I don't want people to die, and I wish more than
anythign that the people who did die didn't have to go
through the horror. I want it to be like in South Park
when time goes back and flowers pop up and bunnies run
around, and a rainbow comes up in the back. However, I
think that right now we're making the right choice. The
Taliban is a bunch of bull-shit motherfuckers who deserve
to be force fed dietrick food, any group that treats their
women like shit deserve to die horrible deaths. It's as if
those dumbshits didn't realize the most prominent statistic
of all. In countries where women are treated equally the
children are the most prosperous. Afghanistan has the
highest infant mortality rate........anyhow, that's just

Mrs. Cranor, the head of the acis deparment played herself
like a straight up bitch. I tried to weasle my way into
getting another point, and shit cut me down with a
beautifully worded e-mail. I wonder if "i'm sorry but you
did not provide enough evidence to support your claim" is
code for "i'm a dumb self righteous bitch, who trips over
her own boobs", oh wait but i'm not bitter.

OH and one more thing! I went to the Indian restaurant
here. And i ordered the Chicken Vindulla, apparently I mis-
pronounced it by saying 'vin-du-laaaaaaaaaaaaaa". The
arrogant waiter snorted and said so you'd like the
chicken 'vin-duhlakjw-shsljsh', or something i couldn't
make out. Oh i'm sorry, i fucked up another language, hey
well if can't even aask me if i want soup, and simply
ignore me then you have no place to get pissed at me for
mis-pronouncing YOUR language. Ok I'm done being a bigot
now, but seriously, english isn't that tough. my parents
came here 13 years ago and can speak it fluently, so get
off your high horse or camel and learn it.

Oh and Joe Yavelak knows what the 3 S's stand for and how
to give a long distance point to high five, so that means
he kicks your ass.