Betsy's Journal
2001-10-18 22:22:26 (UTC)


Well, here we are again. These online diaries are
nifty because I can store my journals on something
presumably less fragile than my idiotic too-expensive
laptop that they forced me to buy for school and which
annoys me constantly. It wasn't the laptop's fault when
its screen cracked; that was my stupid classmate who didn't
have the sense to look where she was sitting before
planting her bottom on my computer. THAT cost me $50 that
I don't care to pay at the moment. It was, however, the
computer's fault when it decided to murder my hard drive--
that cost me a month's worth of English assignments and two
very angry parents when they discovered that I'm a
dunderhead who doesn't back her work up.
So here I am. Writing nine journal entries before the
end of the quarter. I back my files up now that I know
better. You know, this whole technology initiative at our
school is a real flop and the administration doesn't want
to admit it because they're trying to get us to spend MORE
money so THEY can turn a profit while the socioeconomic
diversity of our school goes down the tubes because NOBODY
GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL! Mostly we use the laptops for
downloading music and games and instant messaging (they
finally figured out how to block sites on Explorer, so I
just got Opera which is a faster browser anyway so that I
can redownload my AIM which got deleted when my hard drive
died), and maybe some word processing on the side. I'm
having a lot of fun, but I don't think it was what the
administrators had in mind.
Actually, what I just said isn't completely true. Our
school bought a server from Blackboard, so I can download
my homework assignments when I've lost them, and a couple
of my teachers have figured out how to post announcements
so that those of us who are too busy staring at Mr.
Handsome in the next seat can find out that the Latin quiz
has two columns of vocab on it now and study accordingly.
In other words, they're slowly making it more worthwhile.
Now excuse me while I go play some more online solitaire.

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