Mohawk Grrls Life
2001-10-18 22:16:24 (UTC)


Yeah, I ate two bags of skittles today... The tropical kind.
And I got awfully hyper. When I was hyper, another jock
decided to piss me off... And when I am hyper AND pissed
off, that's not good. I punched a wall. Not only did I punch
it, I punched THROUGH it. Hopefully I'll get kicked out of
school for destroying school property or something, but
they'll never find out it was me.

I actually cleaned my room today. Wow. Now I have nothing to
do, except to look forward to tomarrow. (Friday of course).
So until then i will tend to the wound on my wrist (the
result of punching a wall), and put up with my dad's
bitching! gah! damn them all!

Current Mood: Hyper

Current Music: Descendants