Dreaming in Color
2001-10-18 22:09:22 (UTC)

Woods on a Wednesday Morning

Though I don't consider myself a true tree-hugger, I
am environmentally conscious. I wrote this one day after
my drawing class had gone down to this dried up riverbed to
do some guesture drawing in the woods. It was by far one
of the most beautiful places on campus--it seemed like a
different world. About an hour and a half into the class,
the sound of construction interupted the quiet peace of the
woods. Squirrels, chipmunks and birds no longer ran across
the paths in the distance and even the leaves shook with
the noise. I turned and saw this machine that covered the
top of thin trees and somehow ate the whole thing down to a
stump. I don't know what it was, but I was appalled that
something like that could be done to such an amazing
place. So I had to do chain myself to one
of the trees or sit up in one for two and a half years like
Julia Butterfly Hill or buy out the construction company.
I considered my resources, and decided to write a poem.

Woods on a Wednesday Morning

sidewinder snakes
hidden repose
and so it goes
they say.
traced and laced
I set my pace to
stay the impact.
large roaming monsters
take my kin
and leave me intact.
gestapo research
brings nothing but curses-
empty answers
and weeping flowers.
debris and serpents
follow broken souls
back to the molten folds
of victimed dreams
-or so it seems.
she is mine own
with blackened moans
I rise above-
a turtle dove with
nowhere to land.

S.A. 10/18/01
peace by piece