mark my words
2001-10-18 21:47:44 (UTC)

parental mayhem!

Two big things happened yesterday with parents... my mom
and I got into an enormous fight (surprise...) and KC's
stepdad left.
My mom's just a very nasty person. There's a correlation
between the days between her boyfriend's nightly visits and
her moods. It's been a few days, so she's been horrible to
everyone. I got home from a pleasant evening at my dad's
house last night and was putting the finishing touches on a
Spanish project while I talked on my cell phone. (I'm not
allowed to use the house line because I hang up on said
mom's boyfriend whenever he calls). So I'm just sitting at
my desk, writing random sentences en espanol, and Mommy
dearest storms into my room to proclaim how late it is and
how I should be in bed... it's 9:30... riiight. Well, she
started bitching about the clothes on my floor, etc etc
etc, one thing led to another, and pretty soon we were
SCREAMING while my friend Sarah laughed her ass off on the
phone. Loud, too, haha. It was a dry fight, as they come,
but here's a choice amusing excerpt:
Mommy dearest: You keep talking like this and soon you
won't be allowed out of the house except to babysit
Me: Yeah and since "times are so rough" at work, you'll be
taking what I make
Mommy dearest: It's about time you pay your rent around
here! I think I'm going to make you!
Me: Uhh that's illegal... your obligation as a parent is to
provide shelter for me
Mommy dearest: I'll tell the judge I can't afford it
Me: But you can afford a brand-new Mercedes, huh?
Mommy dearest: How dare you! You didn't see the sales slip
on that car! You don't know what I paid for it!
Me: Or who you FUCKED for it...
That's about it but by that time my cell phone, vibrating
with Sarah's laughter, was wrenched from my hand and
banished from me forever. Damn. It's brand-new... I got
it Saturday.

Then I got on the bus this morning, eager to get to KC's
stop because I knew my story would amuse her. She lives
like seriously 10 houses down from me but it there are a
couple bus stops in between. So finally she gets on the
bus, and as I'm about to open my fat mouth and brag about
how rude I was (Mature...) she's like bawling her eyes
out. I'm like "OMG baby what's wrong? What's wrong?" and
finally she spits it out... her stepdad left for work
yesterday morning and hasn't come back. Her mom called him
and was like "Where the hell are you" and he was like "I
left... not coming home..." So her mom drove 6 hours away
today to find him... Finally, she did. He's coming home
for the weekend to discuss things but it's not looking so
good. It sucks. All my friends' parents are having
problems. KE's parents just moved into separate houses two
weeks ago.. before that we all lived on the same street.
Now it looks like I may be alone on the street as I was
before they both moved in.

15 minutes ago KE was supposed to come get me so we could
all go to her school for a little party. She got kicked
out of our public school so now she goes to a tiny private
school for "bad" kids. There's supposedly a food festival
which should be fun. I'll finally meet the kids she tells
me about all the time! But she's late... ugh. I can't
wait for her to get here!

Well I'm going to go wait outside. Later!