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2001-10-18 21:32:29 (UTC)

My life

Well, my life is this, I'm a crafts person. At home most
when I work with my hands, it is allways easier to do than
be. I think I'm nice enough and deacent looking, however
social nuances escape me, I happen to be totaly oblivious
to the advances of the opposite sex. This hasn't made me
bitter mind you, just blunt, sometimes rash. I've many
friends, but no lovers, no REAL relationships. Could it be
because I've be ostrisized by the social cliques and groups
of my younger years? Or because I decided to go away from
the main stream all those years ago? Did they do it or did
I? Ahh, but what does it matter now? Do what they said or
did affect me now? Or will it still in the future? Or did
fate dictate that I become who I am today? It is all but
words, I am who I am, dark, cheerful, oblivious,
intelligent, and for the most part happy. I do what I love,
and I love many things, but then am I really happy? How
does one mesure one's self worth, their contentment so to
say? But the central portion on my discussion with myself

I still can't pick up women.