Blonde And Dangerous
2001-10-18 21:32:12 (UTC)

mrs hook and cockroaches with the occasional hefflelump thrown in...

Nuts. My life is nuts.
i'm not weird, i'm ecclectic
is my MSN name. Chanda makes fun of my music prefrences
all the time. I like a TON of different music styles. So
stick THAT in your backpack!
I got interrupted last night by nosy parents coming in to
make copies of some tax files or something like that.
Grr... I'll finish putting in my favorite quotes later.
In TAG today, Karin had this cheesy plastic cockroach
thingy. Mrs. Hook left the HS computer lab for a minute,
and Karin put it on her gradebook. Needless to say, when
she came back, she SCREAMED. Okay, this is a teacher. I
was laughing so hard I fell of my chair and almost landed
on Brandon. (Which, might not have been a bad thing *evil
grin*) That was so funny! I also left a message on her
Mara wants to come back to the seventh grade. Cuz it's so
easy. Hehehe.
I do! I liked seventh grade. It was actually FUN.
Imagine that? FUN? Whatthehell? Hehehe...
Well. At least I didn't feel the urge to throw flaming
poop at anyone. That's always an improvement.

"but dey can't get wit this..."