~*my life*~
2001-03-10 03:13:34 (UTC)

okay~well i dont know what im..

okay~well i dont know what im suppose to do with myself
somtimes i mean well everything is always happening and it
really makes me mad...i mean i have been through so much
and nothing good ever happens to me well if somthing goos
does happen its only very rarely...i mean somtimes i have
no klue why i am here what im doing in my body i feel like
im not good enough and i dont have anyone or anything but
even though i know deep down inside some people do care its
just it doesnt always seem that way...well actually i feel
like not many people care about me except my best friend
and the boy that i am in love with...but we just broke up
and so i guess i could say im not loved back but i mean i
just dont get life at all somtimes well most of the time
but if any of u feel this way or have some thing to say to
me about it please write to me thank u~i will know that u