I baby blue mami I

tha everyday life of baby blue mami
2001-10-18 20:58:13 (UTC)

0ctober 18, 2001

Dear Diary,

yo. whassabiii?! today was a pretty good day at school
too . . . everyone was commenting on how pretty/cute i
looked today. i was like "awww, thank you!!", hehe. we got
our pictures back today, mine came out okay, i guess. i
might be re-taking it though. we're going out to eat soon,
mmm - good, cause i'm hungry! today people were making me
feel good about myself and i liked that, it was pretty
cool. i think i'm starting to like andre. ahhh, i think
that's not a good thing 'cause what if he doesn't like me
back and then i get all depressed? *siiigh* aniiwaiiz, ray
was trying to flirt with me today . . he wanted to look at
my pictures and i was like "nah! it looks bad. . " and he
was like "well, you look fine right now so just let me see"
aww. . . i thought that was cute, hehe. carlos didn't come
to school today. . . i missed him! =o[ i need a boyfriend,
i feel really lonely, i haven't had a boyfriend in the
longest time. . . let's see what happens this year
[[hopefully something]]. the guys are having a show soon. .
hopefully i can go. michael is so cute but he won't talk to
anybody, he's so shy. . i hate shy guys! i wonder when
christina is sending me chapter twenty-one of the story,
dammit. i'm anxious to read the story! lol. i'm out. . .
one love.

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