my secret life
2001-03-10 03:11:34 (UTC)

dear diary, hi my name for this..

dear diary,
hi my name for this will be diane i am 26 yr old female
with a long story.i have always wanted to have my own diary
and will i guess this is my chance to express my
feelings.ok ill start by saying i live a secret life i will
explain.i have 8 kids 5 boys and 3 girls.when i was 12 i
met this man who was twice my age i met him at a club.yes i
use to lie about my age back then they did notwa ask for
id.well me and my bestfriend noemi who also was older then
me at the time she had 3 boys.well anyways i told jr i was
18 and he believed me because i was in a club so why would
he think otherwise.i was so much in a hurry to get away
from home that i ran away with this man.see my mother use
to work two jobs to take care of me and my two brothers so
i always watched over them that nothing happened to them.my
stepfather was a drunk so he would be home all day watching
tv and drinking often hitting my brothers for no reason so
i would try to keep them from getting hurt.so i left home
finally after almost a month got the courage to tell this
man my real age hoping he would not leave me he was very
angry at first but said the love was so strong that he
overlooked my age.so finally i called my mom told her i was
with a man and of course my step father did not want
anything to do with me so he told my mom he did not want me
no where near the house.and my mom was scared of him so she
told me to come when he was not around.anyways me and jr
had our first child in 89 i was scared shitless i was a
baby myself.so we had our son he worked and took care of us
i was in school and had to take my son to school with me
caz i did not have a babysitter.so i got tired of all the 8
graders making fun of me so i quit school.worst mistake
ever jr started treating me as if he was my father telling
what to wear having me dress like an old lady with long
skirts long big clothes so men could not see my
figure.things really started getting crazy.well im going
for a smoke so ill be back please feel free to give me back
some feed back you can be honest.