Dreaming in Color
2001-10-18 20:44:00 (UTC)

Rantings: Beginning with Mountain Dew

I have had three cans of Mountain Dew to drink today.
And it's only 4:26pm. I had always heard that the college
diet was not exactly the most incredibly healthy way to
eat, but when one drinks thirty-six ounces of acidic lime
green fluid that would probably eat it's way through steel
if left to stand for long enough, one starts to wonder about
the condition of her stomach lining. I once read that the
Coca-Cola company uses Coke to clean out the deisel gas
tanks of their 14-wheelers. Perhaps that is because they
don't produce a drink that compares to Mountian Dew.
So I sit here at my desk in my cinder-block-walled
room with three empty cans of Mountian Dew on my desk.
Along with that I believe I have had two poptarts to eat
today along with some ritz crackers. Perhaps I should have
something substantial. Or I'll just go for that pack of
Fun-Size Three Musketeers bars I bought for the room earlier today
(the bag is half gone. Something tells me it
probably won't last until Halloween).
I have over 200 pages of reading to do about how to
use a MacIntosh computer for Monday's 50 question quiz in 2-
D Design. Two thoughts come to mind in regards to this: 1)
Why haven't I started reading it yet?, and 2) since when
did 50 questions make up a quiz??. I had a quiz in
Contemporary Math today and it was 3 questions. Of course,
it was Contemporary Math...but honestly. Of course, I
could be reading right now instead of writing this...
I think I'll go get a Fun-Size Three Musketeers bar
and open another can of Dew.