What's on my mind
2001-10-18 20:19:37 (UTC)


Nothing much has been going on this week. I've bored
out of mind at work. Not many tickets are coming in and no
enhancements are needed for the sites this week. The good
thing is that while surfing the net I found on
http://www.Live365.com a station that plays old startrek
episodes. I have been listening to them and they have been
keeping me from going insane. This is awesome. I wish
there was a radio station in the area that did this so I
could listen to it in the car. I get so tired of listening
to the same music over and over. I am even getting tired
of talk radio. All they talk about is Anthrax. Even the
comedy/shock radio is getting old and repetetive. I love
listening to stories be it star trek or star wars on
audio. When I go on a long trip I buy audio books to
listen to. It really passes the time and keeps me awake.
There really should be a radio station that plays audio
books or atleast do skits or plays like they did before
there was tv. If I was rich I think I would have done
this. I am sure there are others out there that would like
to listen to something with a story line instead of the
same old songs, news, and jokes. Just food for thought.