Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-18 20:16:17 (UTC)

what would you do if I got on top of you and . . .

hey everyone
Sup ? not much here ! OMG I was so Hyper last night ! and
I decided that I wanted to scare this guy I knew ! cause
see everyone thinks hes gay ! But he isn't and I used to
like him , Not anymore he is a jerk !!! anyways here is
the convo !

LuckyStar61: can i ask you a question
special: what
Lucky: promise not to freak ?
Lucky: haha
Lucky: promise?!
special: ok
Lucky: what would you do if I got on top of you and
started kissing you ?!
Lucky: well ?!
Lucky: laurence ?
special: lol
Lucky: well ?!
special: rrrriiiigggghhhttt
special: hmm
Lucky: seriously
Lucky: ??! !
Lucky: seriously what would you do ?!
special: idk
Lucky: sure you do !
Lucky: give me an honest answer
Lucky: ???????
Lucky: I know you want me to
special: give it to your boyfirend
special: not me
special: i gtg
Lucky: don't got one baby
Lucky: i am all for you !
special: BYE
Lucky: come on laurence
Lucky: i wanna be bad
LOL I was so hyper ! I dont even like him like that ! He
is such a jerk ! Plus Mick dared me to do it so why the
hell not it was so much fun !!!!! haha !!!!! Wow ok !
anyways Today was cool ! Boring but cool ! ummmm Hui was
still upset today ! I keep telling him to get over it and
yea ! So umm what else ?! Not much I was in a giddy mood
today ! haha ! ummm oh I have quotes for today and
yesterday ! "Love is the triumph of imagination over
intellect ! " , "Don't worry about your what your feet are
doing , just dance ! " Aight well I gotta bounce ya all !
Later !

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