Love, Sex and College
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2001-10-18 19:50:13 (UTC)

Day of Sleep

It seems to me that I have been sleeping a lot latetly.
Last night was another night that I could not fall asleep
until 2 am... its sucks. I slept about 2 1/2 hours today
after my English class. Then I got up in a rush a little
after noon when my roomate had to wake me up for the 2nd
time and took a quick shower and went to class. Class was
good, I got a 30 out of 35 on my take home quiz in my Mass
Communications class. I still feel exhausted. And I am
growing anxious towards my doctor's appointment. I wonder if
people will read this and think my life is dumb and my
little college girl problems... Oh well, I am writing to
sort of keep myself sane. I better go do some reading for
class tomorrow. I just feel like going to sleep and
sleeping for a couple days.... well can't do that, I have
too much shit to do. I gotta pull myself together.

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