Zone of Misfortune
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2001-10-18 19:36:55 (UTC)

Word the the MothaFawkin' Thursday!

Wow, it's thursday...we had a Senior Project meeting. I
was asked nothing about my nonexistant project, so i am
happy. All i learned was that the one guy has a penis ring
and that the one girl has a tongue ring or bolt or
whatever. Well other than that, that was it...

Day is borring, and yesterday was the NHS induction thing,
where i held a candle and recited an oath of loyalty. I
was waiting for a big screen shot of "the leader" or for us
to sacrifice the weakest or eat ham but nothing came of
it. There were plenty of cookies though...

Then it was off to dairy queen for simpsons quotes,
speaking of the empress of cow-delectables, i'm getting ice

Current Status: ICE CREAM

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