Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-10-18 19:12:33 (UTC)

sex lies

well last weekend i slept over this girl from my schools
house and so did this kid steve. well steve and this girls
brother kept tryin to get wit me, and they wanted to
tagteam me, but i wouldnt do anything b/c i knew the girl
liked steve, plus steve had a gf and a kid. so even though
i was attracted to him i didnt do anything. well anyway,
the boys told me that her drunk uncle wanted to get with me
so i went upstairs with her brother and steve into her
brothers room, and we were just chillin, and talkin and
shit. well anyway her brother said after a couple hours
that if i didnt get naked then i had to leave, and he
thought me and steve wanted to do something so he told us
to go in another room and do it. well steve told him to
chill, and go to sleep, and her brother said he was going
to tell my friend that we were having sex if we didnt
leave, and we werent and we thought he was just kidding so
we didnt care and steve said go ahead, so then when her
brother left steve went over and shut and locked the door,
and we were in there for like 20 mins. but we didnt do
anything, and everyone thought we did b/c he locked the
door. well he said we didnt do anything, and then afterward
he said to my friends brother that he fucked me upstairs,
and he shouldve stayed, b/c it was easy and he coulda got
some to. but i never even kissed him. and now my friend is
mad at me and wont believe me. what should i do?

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