Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-10-18 18:51:16 (UTC)

Delta Co Rawks!!!

And I just happen to be the first sergeant for delta
company. :-D *BIG BIG GRIN* We are so awesome!! We won
the company motto competition, and every week this year we
have gotten best dressed for uniform wear, in other words,
we dont have to do cadet challange. We are like, the best
company. I know, Im not that great of a leader, but now i
can see, maybe i am. Im getting comfortable with my
position, and Im going to start taking charge. Maybe it
has to do with the fact I gave it all to God last night.
:) God is awesome. :):):) Its nice to know I can do
something right. :) Ive had a purdy good day. 'Sides the
fact I sleepy and have a cold. Lol. But my companys
awesomeness makes up for it. That, and my boyfriend and
friends are the greatest people in the world.

I got to be me in JROTC!! A punk child in leadership
positions. Its so great!

Love ya all!