I am a goddess
2001-10-18 18:50:22 (UTC)

Weight loss

Well i've lost 7 pounds in nearly 2 weeks im quite proud of
myself. Its the first day of the hols and 2moro i start the
3 day diet. You can lose a stone in a week!!!! How great is
that, i know its not healthly but neither is what im doing
at the minute anyway so it can hurt to give it a try. It
was in the paper today, there is a pill that you can get
from your doctor which lets you lose wieght without any
nasty side effects. The only problem is, you have to be
obese and im certainly not that. Bugger. Well thats that
one out of the window. We'll have to see.I can't wait to
see what happens, well if it result in me getting thinner
anyway. See y'all later.
Supervixen xxxxx