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2001-10-18 18:34:47 (UTC)


i think its really annoying how like you know you can mean
so much to someone at one point and then SHIT and DRAMA and
feelings and time and whatever the FUCK else adds its own
little piece to the puzzle and then then
you dwindle down further and fuckgin further until there is
just angry and NOTHING NOTHIGN fuckgin NOTHING left.
you know?
you can go from point A
to point B
in just a FUCKING matter of FUCKING time
and its not that any fucking thing has fucking changed
its not that you know you changed as a person
just the SITUATION has fucking changed
and then ONLY way that people know how to fucking deal with
is to ignore repress or fucking just be DONE
you know?
so i guess that were done.
that thats just done.
that friendship is really never the basis of a fuckgin
relationship with ANYone other than myself because you
know. fucking. i would never be dragged out with a friend.
you know? no. i would never just be done. nope. because all
of that is fuckgin part of a friendship. and the question
of whether or not you or i actualyl care is not even the
matter you know what i mean. its like OBVIOUSLY you fucking
care and obviously i fuckign care. and maybe MAYBE that is
the real fuckgin issue. the PROBLEM persay. because you know
this just isnt working becuase i just keep getting pissed
off and we never talk and its fuckign stupid.
so maybe this time i just wont even fight you knnow
yeah i think im fucking done with that shit i do so fuckign
much of it anyway and i think im DONE with that.
so you knnow
im not argueing. or saying you know what i feel i need to.
im done with that.
because YOU fuckgin are.
because this is just done.
ITS ALL just FUCKGIN done.