The Chronicles of My Life
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2001-10-18 16:55:33 (UTC)

Well.I haven t the slightest..

Well.I haven't the slightest clue why i write in this.
Probably cuz Kaitlyn keeps yelling at me about, andd
because i'm trying to burn time while i download AOL v7.0.
I lead a boring life. It must be because i'm so sensitive,
or so says michelle anyways. The Wild play the Blues
tomorrow night. It should be a great game. Of course i
can't watch it though, cuz it's on channel 9. that bites.
We're still undefeated. It's awesome. WHat else to say?
I slept over at JT's last night. We sufed the internet and
played N64. Fun Fun. Argh. Only 28% finished
downloading. This will take forever. I guess our football
team team lost last night. Dang it. Five day weekends are
great. Peolpe in pretty much every other state are in
school right now, and i'm sitting here as bored as can be,
yelling at my brother for stupid things. Why am I writing
in this? It's pointless. I'm going to find something else
to do. Until Later.

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