2001-03-10 01:05:20 (UTC)

slow breathing sponge poem

A slow breathing sponge
moving around..
kicking the curb
with her head hung down..

a worn out brain
a tired old body
today i just turned 34...

hand me a cane
lend me your walker
wheel me around in your chair..

i feel so old
i used to be young
today i just found a Grey hair :0

my life's half over
or so it feels..
my aches and pains they rise...

i want to grow young
go backwards in time
be thin .. take off my disguise...

i want to feel good, breath easy, be happy
be comfortable wearing my clothes..
and all the while i simply deny
my problems as big as it is..
it just seems so easy ..
it's Only food..
but this change is the hardest i bear..
i want to succeed before i get older..
i want to live life with a flair..

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