Life in the Making
2001-10-18 16:54:40 (UTC)

Warmth of Love

Last Night I stayed the night at David's. I loved every
minute of it. We watched a movie (Jurrasic Park) then went
to sleep. He was very tired. But he held me the whole
night. God, how I loved his arm around me. I woke up
several times that night to view his sleeping form. So
perfect... He has a very nice body and others things, might
I add. I like to carrass his chest and neck. So muscular.I
like to kiss his soft. But those of you who are
reading this probably don't care. This entry was to just
let you know how much I loved the feel of his warm body
agaist mine. Yes...I know I've slept with other men...but
that doesn't nessaccarly mean I slept next to them. David
is the first man I've ever slept beside. It's a good
feeling. I would love to wake up every morning and the
first thing I see is his face. Life would be perfect then.
All worries would float away, and nothing but bliss would
would be left behind.