My life as Trick
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2001-10-18 16:45:48 (UTC)

Calgon, take me away!

A migraine delicately stomps its way through my brain.

I HATE On the Job Training periods. I know that they are
the best way we currently have to determine if the trainees
are ready to start taking calls, and to see what we might
need to cover (or re-cover) while the reps are still in

Imagine yourself in a room packed with 15 people carrying
on 15 different conversations. All of them are trying to
hear the customer at the other end of the phone, so they
are slowly and steadily increasing in volume as they try to
talk above the other trainees. The noise becomes louder
than background noise, and, as the calls progress, the
need for assitance from the trainer arises.

Helping trainees is a black hole. You never get out of
it. No matter how insignificant the problem, if a trainee
senses that you are near them, they have a problem that
needs your attention.


Even if you are assisting another trainee. Questions
overlap, and situations have to be assessed as they arrive
as to their precedence over other problems. I flit around
the room from trainee to trainee and trying not to stay in
any one place for extended periods of time, like a
hummingbird trying to go from plant to plant and finding
all the flowers poisoned. The entire time, I'm trying to
access the information that they need to assist the

Even though it's in their books.
Even though it's right in front of them.
Even though I need a beer.
Even though I need a BC Extra Strength with a shot behind

And so, I sequester myself behind my desk for short periods
of time, trying to finish up other tasks and keeping away
from the poison flowers for as long as they will allow me.

At the end of the day, I'm mentally and emotionally
drained. The martial arts class will have to wait. Again.
And the jog that would clear my head seems too monumental a

..and I still need that BC powder.

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