Empty Canvas
2001-10-18 16:44:18 (UTC)

The colors of friendship

My life has its many up's and downs, I was kinda dating one
of my best friends, and after many emails, he finally wrote
back, we kinda had like two or so weeks of silence,
horrible time for me, but he said he would write more
often! Hey maybe it is possible for two friends to build
onto their friendship and make it grow & get stronger!
Anyways my website is going strong, it looks cool, but i
think imight change the style, i got a comment that its too
much like a slide show, oh wells, Anyways Ive had no luck
getting a job yet....***sigh***. My cat is pure evil! I''m
slacking off a bit, i need to clean my room again. Mmmm,
pizza is good! LATers!
check out my website~
Much love, shan.

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