What's up now?
2001-10-18 16:24:23 (UTC)


I am sooo exhausted...I got SO much sleep last night but
still, I am tired...Lately I have no clue what has been
going on, but I think I am dying...not really but ya
know...I'm having many issues in my head and I think that's
part of the problem...maybe I should just deal with them
and see if it gets better. Ahh sister is coming
tomorrow :) Thats pretty exciting :) I havent seen her in
over a month so it will be nice to hang out with her :)
Tonight: Thursday Ritual of course!!! But I'm excited
because the girls are going shopping :) YEA!!! We're
going to look SO hot tonight...Its almost the weekend...I
just have to make it through my midterm this afternoon and
I will be all set! Well except for class tomorrow, working
7-9 sat am, 8-10 sat night and 3-5 sun AM....but still I
wont be going to anything is better than that!!
yea!!!! I know for sure now that I will be spending
sweetest day in a dark movie theatre with Rachel and
probably her new crush...I'm happy for her :) She deserves
to be happy. Oh well....