The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-10-18 15:10:48 (UTC)

Here in BA/BCA....blah blah blah

Ok well i am here in BA/BCA doing nothin b/c we have like
the rest of th eperiod to act as a study hall b/c like half
the classes computers are i have the nothin
to i thought why nbot writein in the diary thingy
that you havent written in like forever! i am here
writing..Well alot has happened in the past 24 hours Lets
just say i have been able to be there for my best friend
Ashley and she has really needed me and i want to thank
Grace for every thing that she has done for me and Ashley
and Will.. we all appriciate it!...I love you guys and i
want you al to know that!..I LOVE YOU ASHLEY and if you
ever Need ANYTHING just ask..ok babe?!..well i cant really
think of much else to say..Oh and Mary?... why didnt you
wave back at me this morning at the four way stop i was
stopped right behind you and i honked like threwe or four
times...*sniff* lol..oh well i thin ki will survive..i love

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