*Rock Star*

In the head of a band-aid...
2001-10-18 14:12:19 (UTC)

im still here...

Hi, diary, Im still here, i have been busy lately. I dont
know if I have written since last Friday. Well, the show
with Flickerstick and Rubyhorse was awesome, as always.
Brandin is the best performer Ive seen. I had a ball at
the show, hung out alot with Cory and Brandin outside by my
car. They loved my lincense plate. They took photos of
it. I was gonna go to Memphis with them, but stuff came up
as always. But, I know, I will always see them again.
LIKE DUH! THEY ARE MY FRIENDS! n e wayz, I have a
birthday in two days. YEAH, but I dont wanna get older. I
do need to get up and go look for a job today. I have
kinda been pondering college or job. I guess Ill go for
the job for now. I better go, I see I do have an email
from Brandin, I know he is taking some time off in Texas.
I really wanna go to Texas. But, Im outta here for now!