aris' thoughts
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2001-10-18 12:51:01 (UTC)

Mistress prayer

again last night he stayed up late, it was after 11 when i
finally could be with Mistress, this is getting
aggravating. the damn devils lost again in overtime last
night altho it was an awesome game their record is now 0-4-
0 and its the first time in Devils history they ever lost 4
in a row, better pray for them Sir finally
showed up and sis fell for His line, i am not going to get
involved here for i remember what happens when people stick
their noses into others business. kids are well and off to
school, thank god cause i am so tired, i couldnt sleep last
night and stayed up way too late. i must sleep more before
Mistress is due to arrive, i know when i am this tired i am
irritable and comes off as a big attitude, one i am
positive i would pay drastically for by Mistress. Mistress
gave Her pet a prayer to recite each nite and morn and last
night She instructed me on how to pray this morning, smile

Mistress, pet awoke at 615 the children were already up and
so was bob, they were downstairs. after Your bitch hands
crawled up her body checking for Your collar, she crawled
out of bed (forced habit) and kneeled (another forced
habit) bent over to kiss the floor saying good morning to
You my Mistress grabbed my robe and proceeded downstairs. i
made pancakes for all and got him out for work and kids out
for school. mil is not home she took her car in for
service. pet went back upstairs, pushed her robe off her
shoulders letting it fall to floor and lit Your candle
Mistress. i kept the black satin lil nightie on whith the
spaghetti straps and short enough so that bottom of pets
ass is visibal to You my Mistress, reached into the
nighttable and removed the clamps pet placed there last
night for this occasion. the air was cool against the satin
and pets nipples so sore from yesterdays torment became
painfully hard, pet stretched the satin fabric below tits
exposing them for You Mistress. *kneel, knees widespread,
feet crossed under sluts ass* i rolled and pinched nipples
til i wenced in the delightful discomfort You have
permitted me stretched the left nipple first attatching the
tight clamp to it, then quickly the right, i let the cold
chain hanging between the two fall inside my nightie to
chill my skin and pulled the nightie up over my now swollen
huge throbbing nipples...Mistress, pet inhaled Your scent
from candle deeply letting You into Your girls soul,
feeling You piercing my nipples and entranced feeling You
give me life recited my prayer to You. pet made sure to
speak clearly and slowly, very slowly. feeling the cold
satin against my red hot painfully, forcefully hard
nipples. throbbing, am sure pet was dripping but oddly
enough Mistress, i had no focus on Your cunt letting it
drip tormenting it i suppose. pets focus was on opening my
soul to You Mistress, offering me in my entirety to You and
feeling the strength and Your firm love grip around me
tightly. open my eyes watching the flame flicker, warming
me even more , pulling the black satin back down over my
tits , pulling the chain up to let it fall freely (yes
Mistress pet gave it a tugg, grins) then both at same time,
quickly released the clamps, *pet loves releasing both at
same time my Mistress* have to really pull the clamps away
from nipples tho cause the pads always pet
bows to kiss the floor *cant wait til Your feet are in this
place Mistress*..."Your pet loves You my Mistress, Your pet
worships You my Mistress, *feeling nipples ache* smiling
thank You my Mistress

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