Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2001-10-18 12:49:41 (UTC)


I've been very lonely for a female recently. Andrea doesn't
love me anymore, her friend said so... I was going to ask a
girl out, but she's in the 11th grade so I dont get to be
at school on the same day as her. The one person in real
life that I wish I caould have so badly, is Andrews cousin,
Lacrisha. She says i'm very nice but i'm too young, *sigh*
oh well. I'll get someone someday, I just wish it were now.
I literaly NEED someone though, because when someone loves
me and I return that love, it just makes me feel the best.
I can't seem to fare when people outdo me unless I have
someone that loves me that way, it makes me feel like it
doesnt matter if they do better than me because "she" loves
me... well, I gotta go make my lunch for school, thats all
for now.

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