Rach's thoughts
2001-10-18 12:07:46 (UTC)

another day in the bubble

All I wanted this morning was to wake up to the news that
last night was all a dream and that everything that happened
hadn't. Instead I woke up to reality. All has gone wrong,
HE! is still being himself and not seeing that there is
something wrong with it. Oh sorry I forgot "If people don't
like me the way I am then that's there problem", Well No one
likes you!!! Deal with it.
Anyhow last night I went out and it was so strange, almost
surreal. I think I've now arranged a date with a guy that I
met a couple of weeks ago but I'm not sure. Even if we are
going out I'm not sure weather it's a date or friends going
Ok and then there's Aiden What am I ment to do about him?
My life if all contained in a bubble and I think it's about
to burst.
Love and Light