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2001-10-18 11:24:39 (UTC)

It is Finished

Dear Diary:
It is all over between Robert and I. I did not want to see it end as quickly as it got started. But it did .

We should have never met one another. But we did.
I mean all men are full of shit if you ask me.
They use those three little words to lightly,
"I LOVE YOU." and we should have remained friends.
I could have dealt with it better.

I have taken the necessary steps to block him from receiving any further e-mail from me and sending me any further msn messages to me as well.

He can send me e-mail over at and as well. This way I can check at random.

He can call me, but it is better he does not.
Because I need to get over him and on with the rest of my life.

Oh, he will find another girl I have no doubt.
He is cute enough.

So we live and learn.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
(Karissa Anne Lowell)