Date With Destiny
2001-10-18 10:52:32 (UTC)

Robert; Mastermind

Great morning Rob,

I love your analogy of being an Olympic Gold Athlete..


I am like an olympic champion who is participating in the
most fascinating event of all; my life. I focus on it in
the same way; I train for it in the same way; I go for gold
in the same way.

I can just feel the sizzle while you attend UPW. You have
done some excellent preparation. You have identified
EXACTLY what you expect to get out of it, your desired

And... what an amazing, powerful, deep, and soulful mission
statement you have. It is well articulated and deep. I can
tell you put a lot of thought and consideration into
defining and articulating what and who you are!!

Thanks for sharing it here Robert. I find you very

I think Im going to call you MR. CHARISMA!

Let us know your outcomes in UPW.