Chelle's Thoughts n' collections
2001-10-18 10:16:21 (UTC)

Been a few days

well its been a few days since ive written...
ive been pretty busy with school and work though ya

heh ya know what cracks me up?
how i will have like no guy...and then all the sudden at
once 4 or 5 will ask me out or try to get with me.
its so frustrating cuz i hate making dicisions...haha and
judging from past dating...i almost ALWAYS choose the WRONG

The only really really "safe" guy im sure of is
Jacsun...but im not quite too sure im interested in him as
more than a friend.
i never really even thought about it until he kept askin me
to come hang with him...
but i just dont know...ive always seen him as "sir jacsun
the big brother" type. but who knows i never completely
rule out anything if there is even a mili~chance.

Me Steph and Amy and Chris are probably gonna go to a
haunted house tonight.

its crazy how close me n amy n steph have gotten.
i havent really hung out with either of them for all that
long but its like "insta~bonding".
we're prolly gonna work down at bear creek again tomorrow

i think im gonna go down and see amanda in a few weeks.
shes been havin some trouble lately n' im worried about her.
for awhile i thought we werent even really friends anymore
and she didnt wanna be..
but then we had a long talk and she thought the same of i think we're gonna be ok now.

ok well its school time but ill write later