AnGeLiC EyEs
2001-03-09 22:48:06 (UTC)

Hey, today was ok. I went to..

Hey, today was ok. I went to school and seen "J". He's sooo
sweet! He always comes to the door outside my class and
waves at me. Isn't that sweet?! He was waiting for me after
class today. He walked me to my next one and asked me for a
hug. We're not going out. He understands that I don't wanna
get my feelings hurt and I want to get to know him better.
He's such a gentleman. What's the deal with everyone else
today though?? I was in a good mood and everyone else was
in a bad one! I tried to cheer them up, but they just
looked at me like I was dumb! Me and my friend got into an
argument today. I was crying. We've been best friends for
about 6 years now. She's still mad at me because I told her
mom that she hasn't been eating! She says she's fat. I have
all rights to tell her mom what she's doing. If not she's
going to get really sick. I can't help it if I'm worried
about her! I just want her to forgive me. Oh well, for
right now I'm gonna go cause my annoying brother is home!
I'll write later.
Love Always

~*You don't love someone because they're
beautiful.....they're beautiful because you love them*~
(I love reading quotes, especially the sweet ones!)