Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2001-10-18 06:52:56 (UTC)

Poem - "Old Gino (The Memphis Blues)"

Poor old Gino, it's been a long day,
I wish I would have known to stay,
But I left you to your emptiness.
My pen can't find the words to express
The world of truth I saw in your eyes,
Set against a wall of lies
That you know will never crumble.
As you fearfully tumble
Farther and farther from hope,
Somehow you manage to cope,
Though I don't know how
You manage to bow
Your head to a stranger on the street
With Italian leather on his feet,
Just so you might
Have a meal tonight,
And do it all again tomorrow,
Another day to face the sorrow.
I met you on my search for clues,
Two lost souls in the city of blues,
Too eager to pass you by,
I realize it now with a sigh.
But my memory shall always retain
The sight of your eyes flushed with pain,
Yet glowing with undeniable life.
Perhaps we'll meet again after the strife
Has passed us by,
For now I cry
Thinking of you slowly dying,
But nevertheless trying
Not to sink in the ocean
Of perpetually downward motion,
Knowing that the world will never see your plight,
And that you'll never win the fight
Or finish the race,
Not at this pace.
But you know just as well as I
Sometimes even the best of us cry.
Sleep easy tonight, Gino my friend,
For there will be no more tears in the end.