Fish Journal
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2001-10-18 06:29:29 (UTC)

The 4 Aquariums I keep..

*100 US Gallon Community Tank:

Current Livestock:

8 praecox rainbowfish (4 male, 4 female)
2 incisus rainbowfish (1 male, 1 female)
2 madagascar rainbowfish (1 male, 1 female)
4 paleatus corydora
4 bala sharks
4 longfin serpae
7 green tiger barbs
2 clown loaches
2 dwarf gourami
1 marble angelfish
1 common pleco


2 - Emperor 400 HOB filter w/4 biowheels
1 - Penguin 170 HOB filter w/1 biowheel
4 - clamshells running activated carbon and zeolite
250 watt Ebo Jager heater set at 77*
2 - 24" 20 watt Power Glo light bulbs
24" aeration wand

...and a cheesy looking gargoyle holding a chalice that
streams bubbles.. LOL, gotta love the bubblewand..

*25 Gallon Planted Tank

Current Livestock:

7 bloodfin tetras
5 harlequin rasboras
3 otocinclus
2 red&blue dwarf honey gourami


Echinodorus Grandiflorus
Echinodorus Amazonicus
Vallisnera spiralis
Red Hygro


Penguin 170 HOB filter w/1 biowheel
Unknown light source.. Need to upgrade from the original
light that came with the hood to a higher wattage to
promote plant growth..


Black gravel (2-4mm), brown gravel (1mm), and flourite

*25 Gallon Goldfish Tank:

Current Livestock:

1 calico ryukin
1 black moor (he's turned gold this past summer)
1 white ryukin
1 calico oranda


2 Penguin 170 HOB filters w/2 biowheels
12" bubble wand
1 24" flourescent light bulb (dunno the wattage)

*10 Gallon Barb Tank:

Current Livestock:

6 gold barbs


1 Penguin 170 HOB filter w/1 biowheel

Well, I think that's it.. I'm pretty sure I've messed up
the filter type on one of those tanks.. There's a TopFin 30
running on one of them and I can't remember which.. I guess
that'll give me something to write about tomorrow night..

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