Through My Eyes
2001-10-18 06:21:05 (UTC)

The Road Less Traveled

Well, where do I begin? Let me start by telling you a few
things about me. My name is David Martin, i'm 18 years
old, 5'7", my natural hair color is dirty blond, but i'm
always bleaching it blond and dying it all sorts of colors,
so sometimes peoples don't even remember my natural color.
I'm 135lbs, but I still look over that cuz I don't work out.
I have five pirecings, two in my left ear, one in my
tongue, one in my lip, and one in my eyebrow. My birthday
was on September 27th of 83. Currently I live in Belle
Chasse, LA but on November 21st I will live in Niantic, CT
with my aunt Terry. Well, I guess that's enough
information. Now on with my thoughts. Do you know how
some people judge a person by their appearence, well I
think that's bullshit, whenever I meet that special
someone, it's not going to be because of her perfect body
or the size of her breasts, or anything of that nature.
It'll be because of her personality or the chemistry
between us. That's all it takes for me. If you think about
it, people who marry someone for those false reasons I just
mentioned are only going to be cheating themselves in the
long run because eventually the outer beauty will fade away
and be replaced by strechmarks and wrinkles, you might as
well shoot for someone with inner beauty. That's the way I
think. Oh yeah one other fact about me, I am a smoker, weed
and cigarettes, cigarettes everyday, weed maybe once or
twice a month, just thought i'd share. Let me tell you
about some really special people in my life, first let me
tell you about my best friend in the whole wide world,
Michael Jackson.(the black man, not the white woman, lol)
It's as if we were destined to become best friends, he is
only one day older than me, if that. He has never used me
or asked me for anything other than respect and friendship
for the whole 11 years i've known him. He is the person I
trust the most besides Kerry,which brings me to my friend
Kerry Coyne. I have been knowing Kerry for about 5 years
now, but we have become really close in the past year and a
half of knowing each other, she is the one who has always
had my heart, i'd do anything for her, I love her, even if
our friendship well never bloom into romance again I have
gained another best friend, just like with Michael I would
trust her with anything. Kerry is currently in the Air
Force and leaves November 20th, one day before me, i'm
hoping she allows me to give her a good-bye hug and kiss.
I'm really going to miss her alot. My friends Will, Doug,
and Kyle are like my partners in crime, we are there for
each other when we need someone to talk to and we just like
to goof around alot. My friend James, he's a fucking
pothead, but a loveable pothead, you can't help but like
James. My friend Chris, we kinda consider each other
brothers and good friends, we can talk about anything,
nothing is taboo with us. Last but not least, let me tell
you about someone that I love and care about alot, but get
this, we've never met. My online friend Kelly Mowery,
somehow she has not only given me countless numbers of good
feelings by just typing her thoughts in the Instant Message
Window, but she has proved to me that love is blind, even
if you can't see the person it is still possible to love
someone that you can't touch or see. Hopefully, sooner or
later, that will change though. Since this is a Diary, I
guess I should tell you about the day's events, even though
not much happened today, it will still be a day that I will
always remember, I got my first tattoo, the tattoo that I
chose I chose for two reasons. The first reason being I
like what it represents and second it actually has a
spirtual symbolic meaning to it. I decided to get an ankh
made out of fire and skulls on my left arm, I already knew
it would look great because Kerry has the exact same one on
her right arm. The ankh is an eygptian symbol that
represents life. Like I said it is symbolic to me because
to me the hidden message behind the tattoo is: No matter
what happens in my life, Kerry will always be a part of
me. Just knowing that I have that on my arm now makes me
extremly happy. That is really the only thing that
happened to me today worth writing about. I think i'm
going to end this entry here. I'm going to retire to my
bed and imagine that someone I care about was right next to
me. I hate being alone.

ENTRY: You know I would have liked to include everyone in
my life, but that would take to fucking long, plus I think
this entry is long enough, I plan on writing more entries
each day, so if i didn't mention you, before you get pissed
at me just remember that whatever I will write each day has
to do with that day, if you want me to write about you then
include yourself in my life. (Sorry if i'm starting to
sound like an asshole, I just need some sleep.)

David Martin