The meanderings of a mind
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2001-10-18 06:14:25 (UTC)


Cold chills press against me, my breath is caught in my
throat. Tears in my eyes. I wish the pain in my head
would cease I hate these pills that I'm sure I need. One
second of relaxation. One minute of relief. God my hands
do tremble, don't deny me this need. One or two or three
or four. After this I won't need them anymore. I just
want to breathe again. Devil please let go of my hand! It
isn't a question of control nor a sign of weakness. I just
need to lay my head on my pillow and close away the world.
Tomorrow I'll handle it all. I will drown out the demons
in my head. Tomorrow life will be sweet and I won't wish I
were dead. Just one breath of magic and all will be well.
One little pill and I'll be out of this hell.....

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