Ted Massey
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2001-10-18 05:29:38 (UTC)

First Entry

I guess I was tired of just being bored in the middle of
the night and looking at everyone elses diary. First I
tried to be a member of livejournal, but since they charge
money I decided to come here (being a college student
sucks, I have no funds). Well anyways, i think this site is
great (I better mention that or they'll probably kick me
off it).

Anyways, I've been lacking on my writting, I hate regular
diaries because I sit there with a pen and a piece of
paper, which is to much work for me, while I'd rather type
at a hundred words a minute on the computer. Plus, people
can look at my diary and laugh, like i really give a

No, but really, this actually gives me an exuse to write
(and i don't mean homework or emails) and sit down and get
my thoughts onto paper (even if its computerized). Living
here at JCA frustrates me in more ways than one, and I've
been finding myself turning towards writting since I really
don't have anyone to understand me here or talk to me. I'm
not gonna say any shit about the people here, just that I
have a lot more differences than people here think. There
isn't really anyone i can sit down have a good
sophisticated or philisophical talk with without someone
saying something stupid, acting immature, or doing
something to piss me off. Truthfully, I've seen more drama
here so for than i have anytime in my life. Im not used to
shit like that, I'd rather be home with my friends sitting
around, relaxing, laughing about who-knows-what than being
here in Albany. I never once thought that the
whole 'college experience' would be like this. I already
had freedom at home, more mature (not to mention older)
friends than i have here and I probably did a lot
more 'partying' than i'll do in this stupid college.
Really the only thing that I have done that I expected out
of this college so far is to do school work, which i have
been doing a lot of lately.... Well i guess i just went
down stairs and i realized something else about this
school... it is a lot like highschool. I finally heard a
rumor about myself that everyone has been talking about....
wow, how great is my school. Anyways... im gonna stop now.

Well, hopefully after this semester I might be able to
transfer... somewhere near my home town, somewhere near one
of my friends towns, it doesn't matter, just away from this
place. Everything is starting to piss me off... stupid
childish games, irrisponsible people... I just need to go
somewhere were people will grow up....

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