point of sadness

2001-10-18 05:25:09 (UTC)

.......i've felt happiness without pain, i can never be the same.....

Dear Journal,

I am having the best night of my entire life. I
spent another night w/ this incredible girl. She is
absolutely breathtaking, and her beauty is totally three-
dimensional. She is absolutely flawless, yet so delicate
that I have to be careful not to hurt her. I am so afraid
of doing something to hurt her or not living up to who she
thinks I am. Her feelings for me seem to be as deep as mine
are for her, which I find almost unfathomable. I know I'm
falling for her and for the first time ever, I feel
comfortable w/ it. She has become the priority to me and
everything else pales in comparison. I want to spend every
moment w/ her and I'm sure that would still not satisfy me.
This description of her can't even do her justice. I've
known her all of 5 days and I care for her so much. She
talked to me tonight about the difference of loving someone
and being in love w/ them. I know that I love her already
and I can feel myself falling in love w/ her. How did I get
so lucky? She is constantly in my thoughts and just
thinking about her makes me smile. Just her touch alone
sends shivers throughout me. I've never felt more complete
in my entire life than when I'm w/ her. Right now I would
not hesitate to do anything for her just see her smile. I
love to see her happy, it's the most satisfying feeling.
She wants someone that can be her life and I would love to
be that person. I want the same thing. I share almost every
thought that she has. She is everything I've ever wanted in
life. She makes me happy, and happiness is all that I want.
I know this is going to be the most incredible relationship
I've ever had. I feel like I'm in the middle of a dream
that I don't want to leave. I just pray that I never wake
up. I'll never be able to relive this dream.....

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