Ignorant Bliss
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2001-10-18 04:39:05 (UTC)

Powers of Love

Boy has it been a long time since i have written. It had
been a little over a week now. Well i havebeen pretty
busy. I must say it has been one of the best weeks tht i
can remember.

School is alright, i need to get my grades up, but
whatever. I got Student of the Month and got this nifty
plack. I got nominated for Homecoming, i guess i am cooler
than i thought.

Earlier in the week and part of last week, Emily and I had
this talks about us, other people, what we feel and
whatnot. Well finally yesterday i told her what i felt,
which has been very hard for me to express. But last night
it all came flowing out, everything. I confessed my true
love for her and told her that she means everything to me.

I feel happier than i have ever felt, i was onced asked
how i would know if was in lOve. I replied that i would
just know. And you know, I just know. When i am with
this girl, i cannot be any happier, and we don't even have
to be doing anything. We can just be lieing next to each
other and i am happer and more comfortable than ever
before. I am in Love and will forever remember every second
of it.

Yeah so just now, a girl i have known my entire life just
told me that she has feelings for me, feelings that are
more than just friendly feelings. My gosh, what is this,
confession week? There has been many times where i thought
i had feelings for her too, but things didn't work out. So
i need to work things out with her. But you know i think
thigns will end up being all good. But i am out of here.
Peace to you all.


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