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2001-10-18 04:29:59 (UTC)

tool i my head-but no tool

judging me
bludgeon me
fortified authority
falsified majority
aggrivate catastrophe

hold it back
hold it up
hold it in some light to see
imperfections glimmering
degradate humility

kiss the soul
kiss the hand
kiss the ten soft fingers
kiss the past good bye
kiss the love embrace it
kiss the pain and taste it
kiss the juice and salivate
kiss the ruins and celebrate
kiss the moon thats closing
kiss the dawning sun
kiss the times they're fading
faster than they've begun

wishing you were still around
wishy washy sloshing sound
fills my ears and pains my drum
enough for me but not for some
this lake was once so fresh and lucid
languid loving lingering streams
slick acidic film surrounds me
traces of the shattered dreams